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0210 Spirits unveils new range bottled up in a woman's figure

0210 Spirits unveils new range bottled up in a woman's figure, 0210 Spirits, packaging, Asia, US
US -
In an effort to merge fashion and spirits to pioneer a unique bottle packaging in the market, American wine maker 0210 Spirits recently unveiled a new range of premium drinks bottled up in a woman's figure during the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

Unlike the common long necked wine bottles, this new range of drinks from 0210 Spirits features a special Italian-made hand-blown bottle packaging in the shape of a woman.

Founder and President Jonathan Chiott said he created the concept four years ago. He said that an old girlfriend was the original inspiration of the concept, where the "0210" moniker also got its name, which is actually the street number of the executive's former flame.

"We are just beginning our journey into this channel now. There has been tremendous interest, as there is nothing like it been seen before," Chiott said, explaining that this innovation in packaging and quality product paves the way for an opportunity to offer something new to the industry.

"This is just the beginning, and it has generated a big response."

This new range of 0210 Spirits comes in various product lines: the 0210 Extra Cognac, 0210 Amber XO Cognac, 0210 Velvet XO, and the 0210 Vodka. All lines come in the unique sculpted bottle packaging shaped in a woman's figure while the other varieties in a specialty carafe with an embossed woman figure.0210 Spirits unveils new range bottled up in a woman's figure, 0210 Spirits, packaging, Asia, US

The company said the upscale look of its premium products make it suitable for the travel retail market.

Mario-Dieter Barthel, Vice President Sales for Europe and Asia, said, "We see it carrying special appeal in those markets where Russians and Chinese visit. That includes markets in Asia and the Middle East, and especially Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and other locations."

While there are plans for domestic distribution for the product, Barthel said the focus for now will be on travel retail.

"It’s a high-end product and needs a strong showcase. We see it featuring in five-star hotels as well as the leading premium travel retail stores. It’s niche, but small can mean beautiful," Barthel commented.

Aclea Trading Managing Partner Jean-Philippe Clermont also noted that the 0210 range also meets the demand of business travellers who are often on the lookout for something different and extraordinary: "Gifting is the key, there is not enough theatre in the industry, and too much sameness. We would like to be part of that drive to differentiate the market.”

Chiott added that the unique woman figure bottle packaging is something that people will want to give as a gift or keep as personal collection, noting that during the showcase at Cannes, some people even expressed interest in buying the empty bottle from hotel bars along the Croisette.



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