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Kids beverages shift to easy-grip bottles

Kids beverages shift to easy-grip bottles, In Zone Brands Inc, Goodwin Design Group, packaging, Asia
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A popular kids’ drink, TummyTickler, has revamped its structural packaging design with a new smaller easy-grip bottle shape for those little hands, and new graphic changes.

As part of TummyTickler’s brand owner In Zone Brands Inc’s aim to comply with the recommended serving size for preschool children aged 3-5 from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the new TummyTickler bottle has shifted to a 6-oz high-density polyethylene bottle from the original 8-oz HDPE package.

The new bottle size was also chosen in response to consumer feedback from mothers who felt that the original bottle size was too large for their children, said In Zone’s public relations and communications manager, Traci Strom.

In addition, TummyTickler now features a bottle shaped similarly as other In Zone brands like TummyTickler Tots and BellyWashers, with an ergonomic grip shape and size suitable for children’s small hands.

Kids beverages shift to easy-grip bottles, In Zone Brands Inc, Goodwin Design Group, packaging, AsiaThe easy-grip feature improves the dispensing functionality and, combined with the bottle’s no-spill and no-mess closures, makes the product easier for kids to use.

In Zone also tasked design agency Goodwin Design Group to revise the packaging sleeve design of TummyTickler, TummyTickler Tots and BellyWashers to clearly identify and communicate the brand product positive attributes, such as healthy 100% juice, flavor identification etc.

“Goodwin was instrumental in helping us refresh our packaging in a way that helps maintain our brand equity – for instance, keeping our checkerboard pattern on our TummyTickler and TummyTickler Tots bottles,” said Strom.

“They were also most helpful in assisting with a cooler, more hip look for our BellyWashers, to help attract the ‘tween’ consumers. And all of our toppers are developed in house – we work closely with our licensors as well when it comes to topper development.”


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