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Manchester United takes centre stage on Mister Potato packaging

Manchester United takes centre stage on Mister Potato packaging, Asia, Malaysia, packaging design, graphic
UK football club Manchester United has signed a three-year partnership contract with Malaysian snack brand owner Mister Potato that will see images of club superstars Wayne Rooney, Park Ji-Sung and Ryan Giggs appear on Mister Potato packaging.

For Mister Potato, this deal will help reinforce its brand image and help it increase its market presence to other parts of the world, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Datuk Pang Tee Chew, CEO of Mamee-Double Decker, which owns Mister Potato, said his company was proud to be the first Malaysian snack brand to be associated with an iconic football club like Manchester United: "I believe Mister Potato’s brand image will be elevated by this partnership and the football fans will love Mister Potato just as they love Manchester United."

Manchester United commercial director Richard Arnold agrees: "This deal is an excellent example of the global appeal of Manchester United and its ability to attract well-established but ambitious companies into partnership.

"Mister Potato has been the leading snack brand in Malaysia for many years now and their desire to expand that presence to other parts of South-East Asia and beyond, makes a deal with United a perfect fit.”


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