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P&G’s Ivory Soap gets modern day packaging makeover

P&G’s Ivory Soap gets modern day packaging makeover, Procter & Gamble, packaging, Asia, US
US –
Procter & Gamble (P&G) has updated the product packaging of its oldest and most iconic consumer brand, Ivory.

In a move aimed at contemporizing the 132 year-old brand, P&G has launched new product packaging for Ivory’s current line of bar soaps, body washes and liquid hand soap.

Targeting the modern mom who Unilever describes as being “incredibly complex yet driven by simplicity”, the new campaign highlights the value and simplicity of Ivory, focusing on giving busy moms and families a product that delivers what they are looking for.

Driving this modern makeover is the bold new look and feel of the product packaging -- a vibrant new color scheme that immediately catches the eye and a simple, clean packaging redesign that complements the current Ivory product offerings of Lavender, Aloe and Simply Ivory bar soaps and body washes.

"Ivory is P&G's oldest and most beloved brand, and while consumers relish in the nostalgia and heritage of the product, it's time for a holistic reinvention of the brand as we work to touch and improve more consumers' lives in more parts of the world more completely," said Jay Sethi, Ivory brand manager.

"We've answered the call for consumers wanting a 'simple and clean' solution and the most powerful aspect of Ivory still remains the simplicity of the product”


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