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History-inspired gin glass packaging design

History-inspired gin glass packaging design, Packaging, Asia, Australia, student design
Taking inspiration from the history, one student designer created a beautiful package that adds value to a gin product.

Hansen Espen, a student designer from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, has created a stunning packaging for A.O. Vinje Gin based on the history of Norwegian author and journalist Aasmund Olafson Vinje.

Espen explains the source of his design inspiration: "Vinje was one of the first after Ivar Aasen himself who actively took use of the Norwegian national language that Aasen had developed, and the first who consistently used the dialect (nynorsk written) in prose. He was a pioneer in Norwegian journalism and is author of beloved poem like "Våren", "Ved Rondane", "Kunnskap skal styre rike og land," The children's song "Blåmann" and many more.History-inspired gin glass packaging design, Packaging, Asia, Australia, student design

"The essence of all exclusive alcohol production is the long history of the brand and the storage time of the products. Since Gin does not have a particularly the long storage time (2 - 5 years) I have chosen to create a concept that is based on real history to give the product added value.”

Espen decided to use materials that existed at the time AO Vinje lived: “This gave me a color plalett that I am very happy with.”

The box containing the gin bottle is covered with veneer, which has the same color as the juniper bushes. The box’s interior is pulled in dark grey wool, which was a very common material in regions where A.O. Vinje grew up in.

Although the bottle has a modern shape, its cap of wood and silver lends an ‘old-world’ feel to it. The design of the label is engraved, then bronze and gold tones added to lift the text from the clear, transparent background.

In addition, the main logo’s typography is a modern remake of old Norwegian typography dating back to the Viking age.


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