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New facial cleansing range packaging design ‘unmasks’ product

New facial cleansing range packaging design ‘unmasks’ product, Kleenex, Buddy, packaging, Asia
UK –
With ambitious plans to shake up bathroom cabinets up throughout the country, British tissue brand Kleenex is launching a new range of faial cleansing products that take the brand back to its beauty roots.

Launching this September, the collection includes Facial Cleansing Wipes, Eye Makeup Removal Wipes, Facial Cloths and Shine Absorbing Sheets, and uses a unique cleansing technology that harnesses all the traits synonymous with the brand: softness, quality and reliability.

"It was vital that the design communicated the twin virtues of this new technology: efficacy yet gentleness,” explains Mark Girvan, Creative Partner at design agency Buddy.

“The wipes are made with Ecoform natural fibres, so as well as being gentle and effective, they have a lower environmental impact than standard wipes too.”New facial cleansing range packaging design ‘unmasks’ product, Kleenex, Buddy, packaging, Asia

Buddy Creative Partner David Jones explains that the packaging idea was to literally illustrate the act of ‘removing your mask’.

“The masks we used were either bespoke commissions or carefully selected to help reflect each product benefit, including a quilted mask for the Quilted Facial Cloths and a lace mask for the Sensitive Eye Makeup Removal Wipes.”

Simple, bold, contemporary and fun, the new packs cleverly reflect both the beauty of make-up and the purity of removing it with Kleenex.


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