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PP bottle adds sizzle to BBQ sauces

PP bottle adds sizzle to BBQ sauces, Kühne, RPC Group, RPC Kutenholz, packaging
A range of high quality barbecue sauces from German producer Kühne has gone to market in new plastic bottles from RPC Kutenholz.

Working closely with Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co), RPC Kutenholz developed a polypropylene bottle from multilayer, highly transparent material for the new Deluxe barbecue sauce range.

It adds to an existing black-coloured 250 ml PET bottle produced for Kühne barbecue sauces.

This addition to the packaging range follows the modern demand for an increasing variety of products and processes. The transparency and squeezability of the new bottles make them even more convenient for consumers.

In the new PP variant from RPC Kutenholz, the sauces are protected by a special oxygen barrier, which allows the manufacturer to dispense with preservatives. The Deluxe barbecue sauces are also free of flavour enhancers.

The sauces are available in four different flavours – Madras Curry, Hot Chili Jalapeño, Roasted Garlic and 3-Pepper Steak.


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