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Metallic shine for plastic packaging

Metallic shine for plastic packaging, M&H Plastics, Severn Delta, packaging, Asia
UK –
For the relaunch of its natural deodorant collection, Severn Delta enlisted the help of UK plastics packaging manufacturer M&H Plastics to develop a stylish range of solutions with appealing shelf impact.

The new PitROK collection by the UK contract manufacturer includes PitROK Natural Spray Deodorants in 100ml Non-Aerosol Tubulars, 50ml Natural Crystal Push Up Deodorant and Natural Roll-On Deodorant fragranced for women.

Severn Delta was spoilt for choice with M&H’s portfolio of over 1,000 packaging products. The chosen packaging formats were then customized with special graphic design created by graphic designer Tracy Sellar.

Using a distinctive color palette of black, gold and silver, not Metallic shine for plastic packaging, M&H Plastics, Severn Delta, packaging, Asiaonly do the packaging convey a premium product image, their shine helps the collection stand out on retail shelves.

Dale Shepherd of Severn Delta said, “We wanted to create a stylish collection of products at a cost-effective price point.  M&H helped us meet this challenge whilst ensuring the whole range conveyed an attractive overall identity.”

PitROK products are widely available in Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons, Waitrose, Lloyds Pharmacy plus many independent pharmacies & health food shops in the UK.  They can also be purchased internationally the product’s website.


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