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Halal snacks in easy-open anti-fog shrink barrier packaging film

Halal snacks in easy-open anti-fog shrink barrier packaging film, Sealed Air, Cryovac Packaging, Cryovac Food Solutions, Ethni’Cook
For its new halal snacks, Ethni’Cook found a packaging solution that ensures product freshness is maintained while providing convenience with its easy opening feature.

While preparing for the launch of its new halal snacks on 1 April 2011, the French company decided on a packaging solution that represents the latest generation of thin, resistant, anti-fog shrink barrier film and yet can be opened easily.

Having successfully used Cryovac packaging since the company’s foundation in 2008, the Ethni’Cook will now use the easy opening Cryovac BDF® Soft solution from Sealed Air for a new fish burger and a microwaveable croque monsieur.

Cryovac BDF® Soft is an anti-fog shrink barrier film for horizontal, form-fill and seal packaging machines that affords outstanding customer and consumer appeal due to its long shelf life, strength and fresh, store-wrapped look with minimal tray distortion.

Major cost advantages come from compatibility with lighter, cheaper trays, a reduction of idle times due to less changeovers and a weight advantage, enabling cost-saving in meeting environment-related objectives. It is suitable for the packaging of fresh meats and fish, cheese, pizza and ready meals.Halal snacks in easy-open anti-fog shrink barrier packaging film, Sealed Air, Cryovac Packaging, Cryovac Food Solutions, Ethni’Cook

Developed in partnership with leading French adhesive product specialist Techmay Logetiq, the easy opening mechanism of the newly integrated Cryovac BDF® Soft assures the maintenance of the film’s very high resistance while making opening possible without any utensils. This applies great convenience to the new Ethni’Cook fish burger and microwavable croque monsieur.

The printing scope allows the company to communicate the certified halal origin of the food, while the feasibility of vertical display also contributes to the vital need for retail differentiation.

Ethni’Cook – which adheres to a clear strategy of giving the Muslim community access to established and popular snacks and meat products, manufactured and packaged in dedicated and certified halal facilities - is delighted with the initial response to its latest innovations and is already preparing for ambitious expansion of its business both nationally and internationally in neighbouring European countries.

Its ready meals are already retailed in Cryovac BDF® Soft packaging. The company has now decided that with immediate effect, all its burger packaging will integrate the easy opening facility; this can be easily achieved, as any adaptation of the HFFS machinery is not necessary.

The practicality advantages of the packaging complement strong presentation possibilities and equipment compatibility. All of these factors are key to the success of snacking products with their relatively small size (120-140 grams per unit) and their strong need for differentiation on the shelf.

About Cryovac
Cryovac Packaging and Cryovac Food Solutions are business units of Sealed Air and global leaders in innovative flexible and rigid packaging materials, systems and services for a wide range of food applications.

Located at the Sealed Air Italian site is the Sealed Air Cryovac EMEA Packaging Technical Center. The EMEA Customer Systems Centre is located in Root, Switzerland. Packforum®, Sealed Air Cryovac EMEA’s permanent customer care centre, is located at Roissy Charles de Gaulle near Paris, France.

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