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US brewer switches to aluminium can packaging

US brewer switches to aluminium can packaging, Abita Brewing Company, packaging, Asia, US
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Confident that the solution can preserve and protect its flavours, a US brewer has decided to switch to metal can packaging for three of its flagship craft brews.

One of the oldest and largest craft brewers in southeast USA the Abita Brewing Company plans to offer three of its flagship brews – Amber, Purple Haxe and Jockamo I.P.A. – in aluminium cans.

Abita President David Blossman said, “The canning technology is something that we’ve been researching and investigating for a long time. We feel confident that today’s cans are a quality solution that will preserve and protect the flavor of Abita.

“For many years people associated craft beer with glass bottles only, but the perception and the technology of the aluminum beverage can has really changed.”

The new Abita cans will be coated with a special water-based lining to protect and preserve the taste of the beer. This lining insulates the beer from the can’s interior surface. Canning also limits exposure to UV light and oxygen, two elements that can damage the taste of beer.

In addition, Blossman believes metal cans provide greater ease to consumers, allowing them to take cans where glass might not be convenient or allowed.

The brewer also finds the environmentally friendly properties of the aluminium can attractive. They are easy to recycle, weigh less to ship and the average new beer can is made of 40% recycled aluminum.

“Abita has always been committed to a greener environment. We conserve energy and water, create our own bio-gas and drive greener vehicles. We use recycled content in our bottles and packaging materials. Aluminum cans are one more way Abita is working to keep our part of the world green and clean.”

Abita will offer the canned product in six and 12 packs and expect it to reach store shelves early in 2012 in the US. The canning will be based at the brewery in Abita Springs and Abita will also continue packaging in glass just as they have since they began brewing in 1986.

The Abita Brewing Company was founded in Abita Springs, Louisiana in 1986 and is the oldest and largest craft brewer in the southeast. Abita is the 30th largest commercial brewer by production volume in the nation and the 17th largest craft brewer in the United States. Sales for the company should exceed 130,000 barrels this year.


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