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Fragrance glass flacon for royal desires

Fragrance glass flacon for royal desires, Gerresheimer, Procter & Gamble, packaging, Asia
With an ultra feminine design, this glass bottle for music star Christina Aguilera’s latest fragrance is an enchanting icon of sensuality and beauty.

Christina Aguilera’s new fragrance Royal Desire indulges the user in luxury. Dedicated to women with grand aspirations, it was created for ‘royal’ moments in the lives of women who revel in the femininity, with intense fruity and warm sensuous notes combined to create a fragrance fit for queens.

Thus, the fragrance needed a package that reflects its royal femininity. For Fragrance glass flacon for royal desires, Gerresheimer, Procter & Gamble, packaging, AsiaProcter & Gamble, German converter Gerresheimer created a glass flacon for Royal Desire that encompasses the luxury product.

With its enchanting design, the flacon features a silver-colored charm with a fleur-de-lis lily design. Feminine curves make up the shape of the bottle that is decorated with an intricate black floral design that hugs the bottom half of the package.

Simple yet elegant and oozing royal femininity, Gerresheimer’s glass flacon for Christina Aguilera’s fragrance Royal Desire won the Lifestyle award at the annual Duftstars awards 2011.

The Duftstars awards have been presented in Germany annually since 1993; the German Fragrance Awards are claimed to be the highest compliment that can be paid to the fragrance industry.

The award is currently presented to winners in the four categories of Classic, Exclusive, Lifestyle and Prestige. Christina Aguilera’s Royal Desire was the winner in the Lifestyle Ladies category.


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