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New closure makes jars easier to open

New closure makes jars easier to open, Crown Holdings Inc, Crown Closures Europe, packaging, Asia
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Food processors can now improve the openability of glass jars and build brand loyalty with the new ORBIT Closure, an innovative closure developed by Crown Closures Europe, a division of Crown Holdings Inc. The innovative technology is making its debut in the market on jars of UK brand owner Duerr’s range of jams and marmalades.

The ORBIT Closure consists of two parts: a central, floating panel that is vacuum sealed to the jar and an outer ring that acts as the opening and re-closing device. Its design significantly reduces the torque required to remove the closure, making it twice as easy to open as compared to standard twist-off closures and enhancing convenience for consumers of all ages.

“It’s no secret that a large segment of the population find glass jars challenging to open,” says Richard Duerr, Sales and Marketing Director at Duerr’s. “Improving openability has been a goal of ours for quite some time, and the ORBIT Closure is the first technology that really makes that possible. By incorporating this new closure into our packaging, we ensure our New closure makes jars easier to open, Crown Holdings Inc, Crown Closures Europe, packaging, Asiacustomers enjoy the complete brand experience.”

While the ORBIT Closure looks very similar to a standard twist closure, brands can increase shelf differentiation by actively promoting the closure. To help Duerr’s draw consumer attention to the ORBIT Closure and communicate its benefits, Crown designed a label that includes information about the opening sequence of the closure. The label also directs consumers to Duerr’s website so they can provide feedback about the new packaging. The cap also promotes the enhanced openability while retaining Duerr’s core brand identity.

“Duerr’s is a brand that is steeped in family tradition,” says Jason Hegarty, New Product & Marketing Manager, Crown Closures Europe. “It’s critical that they remain relevant with consumers by staying in tune with current demands, including convenience.

“The ORBIT Closure takes convenience to the next level by making jars twice as easy to open and giving brands like Duerr’s the opportunity to add value to their packaging and gain market share.”

Currently available in both 63mm and 70mm diameters, brand owners can introduce the ORBIT Closure without making significant changes to existing capping equipment and without changing the glass finish, which remains exactly the same as for Standard Twist closures.


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