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Playboy Fragrance goes for matt-shiny finish

Playboy Fragrance goes for matt-shiny finish, Playboy, Sleever International, packaging, Asia
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The iconic Playboy brand has launched its new fragrance in whisky flask shaped bottles that feature the innovative Skinsleever technology used to produce a matt-shiny embossed effect.

For the worldwide launch of its perfume, Playboy entrusted Coty Inc., one of the world’s leading fragrance houses, with the project. For this international debut, Coty entrusted the development to Sleever International using Skinsleever technology.

A first in the perfume world, the matt-shiny embossed effect reproduces a “metallic” feel. The goal was to achieve original differentiated packaging that would make a bold statement immediately - in all, the Playboy Fragrance features a range of eau de toilette and after-shaves in 50 and 100ml bottle formats

A whisky flask shaped bottle
The quintessence of masculinity, the four designs of the Playboy perfume are presented in a glass bottle reminiscent of a whisky flask. Skinsleever technology reproduces on a “brushed metal” background, the brand’s emblematic visual codes, the bunny and bowtie, whilst leaving a transparent window that reveals a feminine Playboy Fragrance goes for matt-shiny finish, Playboy, Sleever International, packaging, Asiasilhouette.

In addition to the technical challenge, Sleever International interpreted the brand’s different fragrances by adding metal pigments (blue, red, etc.), each of which symbolically depicts a major American city.

Sleever International, entrusted with the entire decorative process, provided Coty Inc. with the full scope of its know-how, as David Lopez-Bonnet, Director of Cosmetic Product Development of Coty Beauty Europe, explained: “The decision to work with Sleever International was a logical result of the group’s vertical integration that gives it an undeniable competitive edge.

“The embossed texture effect on the film and the perfect integration of the sleeve against the glass bottle were a challenging task. In the final count, this has been a win-win collaboration, as our product has hit the market with the right timing and the right quality.”

Launched on the market (USA, Spain) just a month ago, the initial sales of “Playboy” are “very promising” in the words of Coty’s top management.


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