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Baco fruit juices choose glass bottles for the clean look

Baco fruit juices choose glass bottles for the clean look, O-I, Baco Pty Ltd, packaging, Asia
For the launch of four new flavours of  its Apple Tree fruit juice range, Australian juice manufacturer Baco Pty Ltd decided to use glass bottles as its sustainable packaging choice.

The bottles, supplied by O-I, include an applied ceramic label (ACL) that creates a clean, fresh visually appealing product which complements the bottles’ content.

The label also states the bottle typically uses 30% recycled content, reduces carbon emissions by around 15% and creates an energy saving of close to 10%.

Baco managing director, Mark Epstein, said O-I’s glass bottle helped create an environmentally responsible brand: "We believe people intuitively know fruit juice tastes better in glass but we think there is an important environmental story to tell too as glass is made from natural materials, mainly sand which is abundantly available in Australia.

“Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable and is the perfect packaging choice for our Apple Tree juices which are made from 100% Australian fruit juice and contain no added sugar or preservatives and no artificial flavours or colours,” Epstein explained.

According to O-I Asia Pacific’s General Manager of Marketing and Sales, Jacqueline Moth, customers recognise glass as a sustainable packaging choice.

“We recently conducted a complete life cycle assessment (LCA) to examine the carbon footprint of different packaging types including glass, aluminium and PET,” said Moth.

“The LCA demonstrated glass packaging produced the least amount of carbon dioxide and any increase in recycled content (cullet) further improves the CO2 footprint of glass packaging.”

Not made from concentrate, Apple Tree’s new flavours include Apple, Blueberry and Blackcurrant, Apple and Honeydew Melon, Apple and Pomegranate, and Valencia Orange.


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