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Sainsbury’s launches food extracts product range in custom PET bottle

Sainsbury’s launches food extracts product range in custom PET bottle, Sainsbury’s, RPC Group, RPC Containers Blackburn, packaging
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Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has launched the latest additions to its successful Taste the Difference range – premium flavourings in a custom 43.5ml PET bottle manufactured at RPC Containers Blackburn.

The bottle, produced for Food Innovation, is being used for a new range of premium food extracts for home baking and flavouring.

Its impressive clear appearance highlights the vibrant colours of the contents. In addition, the PET material used combines ease of use with safety – it is lightweight and shatterproof, making it ideal for use in the kitchen.

Kevin Rushton, Senior Partner at Food Innovation, said, “We know there’s a growing market for home baking products such as these, and consumers who buy the range are looking for quality. It was important, therefore, that the packaging from RPC matched that ethos.

He added, “The excellent clarity of the bottle means these high-quality extracts are clearly identifiable on the shelf.”

Sainsbury’s are the first to market with an own-label home baking extract using Madagascan vanilla. The range also includes Sicilian lemon and the first extract sourced from mentha piperita – one of the highest quality mint plants grown in the US – to go on sale in a UK supermarket.

The Taste the Difference range was relaunched in autumn 2010, with a series of new products and Sainsbury’s biggest ever investment in its own-brand products.


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