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Packaging salsa in hot fill bottles with the premium glass look

Packaging salsa in hot fill bottles with the premium glass look, Simply Functional LLC, Amcor Rigid Plastics, Amcor Ltd, Bodine Etc Specialty Foods
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Specialty health foods brand owner Simply Functional LLC has launched its ChiaSmart line of salsas in new 12oz ring neck hot fill PET bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics.

The stock hot fill container delivers significant performance and cost advantages including portability (no breakage), light weight, and reduced transportation costs for distribution via Simply Functional’s online fundraising channel and at retail and natural food stores.

The ChiaSmart line of salsas, salad dressings, and barbecue sauces are based on chia, a naturally grown grain that is rich in Omega-3 oil, antioxidants, dietary fiber, complex amino acids, calcium, and potassium. For the salsa, Simply Functional opted for the 12oz PET bottle instead of glass or PP. The company plans to transition later to ambient 12oz PET containers for its salad dressing and hot fill 12oz PET bottles for its barbecue sauce products, replacing competitive plastics.

“Amcor’s 12oz PET bottle is a premium option that uniquely meets our distribution needs,” said Alex Sedlecky, chief operating officer for Simply Functional. “It is light weight, break resistant, recyclable, and mimics the appearance of glass.”Packaging salsa in hot fill bottles with the premium glass look, Simply Functional LLC, Amcor Rigid Plastics, Amcor Ltd, Bodine Etc Specialty Foods

The 29g bottle weighs nearly 90% less than glass, resulting in a weight savings of 6.8 lb per 12-pack case, or approximately 1100 lb per pallet load, according to Sedlecky.

The 12oz ring neck bottle is recyclable and offers pleasing aesthetics and strong shelf appeal for the ChiaSmart brand which is targeted for health- and “green”- conscious consumers.

Amcor sells the containers to Bodine Etc Specialty Foods  - which co-packs the ChiaSmart salsa line - in 12-count re-shippers which are convenient for filling and a cost saver for retail re-packing.

According to US co-packer’s vice president Greg Watkins, the 12oz PET bottles are seamlessly integrated into existing glass lines with minimal adjustment.

The 12oz ring neck bottle features Amcor’s PowerFlexTM technology - a patented panel-less design with hot fill (185°F / 85°C) bottle options. The structural design eliminates the panels, and unlike competitive containers, provides a large, completely panel-less label panel.

Amcor uses design and manufacturing techniques to create a bottle that absorbs vacuum via a patented designed base. A unique diaphragm within the base draws upward as the liquid cools. It has the geometric characteristics to enable the inverted cone-shaped diaphragm to deflect upward as the vacuum is created.

Unlike conventional hot fill PET alternatives, PowerFlex bottles are easier to label since they don’t have sidewall vacuum panels. Packers don’t have to worry about mislabelling; that is, missing the vertical bars in applying labels. Nor do they have to deal with the ripple effect that occurs when labeling over panels.

The 12oz ring neck container comes in two versions: one has three horizontal ribs for hot fill (185°F / 85°C) applications and the other has smooth walls for ambient fill or warm fill up to 140°F / 60°C. The stock bottles are available in a 38mm 400CT finish and also a 38mm tamper-evident finish for beverage applications. They are designed with modular molds which allow customers to customize their package at relatively low cost. PET formulations can include up to 100% food-grade post-consumer resin.

Simply Functional is considering 12oz ring neck PET bottles for a range of new food products that will be introduced over the next year, according to Sedlecky. “We’re impressed with the capabilities of Amcor’s hot fill technology and we’re looking forward to their new offerings.”


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