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Delightful chocolate in an appetising pack

Mälarchocolaterie – Swedish Chocolate Luxury – is a small, exclusive company providing delicious chocolate in beautiful packaging. The company is growing steadily. Now it is taking a step into the international market.

Besides unusual flavours like blue cheese, horseradish, single malt whisky and cigar, they provide more traditional variants, too. “Chocolate is an evocative product that calls up a flood of memories,” says Elaine Chan, founder and part owner of the company. KorsnasSwedChocoB

“It calls up happiness. The process starts as soon as you see the pack. That’s why the box is such an important marketing tool.”

Korsnäs knows packaging
“We contacted Korsnäs several years ago, after reading about their Packaging Performance Service,” says Elaine Chan. ‘They helped us design gourmet packaging for take-away – baked goods and cakes. We learned why their board is so perfectly suited to chocolate: the material is odour and flavour neutral.

“Korsnäs Light was the obvious choice for our new truffle packs, where the material yields such superb printing results. We have also been able to print on the inside of the pack top to good effect.”

Vitamin Value Pack proves that size matters

UK -
The launch of a new vitamin ‘value pack’ by Boots now ensures a uniform pack size across all vitamin value packs to reinforce the brand and better meet customer needs.

Boots’s new vitamin value pack highlights the capabilities of RPC Containers Market Rasen in the manufacture of large sized vitamin bottles.

The Boots vitamin range has included value packs for several years, but typically these retailed in a number of different pack sizes. In order to improve logistical efficiencies, on-shelf branding and ease of shopping, Boots decided to relaunch in a standard container to ensure a uniform pack size across all vitamin value packs.

Feedback from consumer research suggested an optimum requirement for six months’ supply – a total of 180 tablets or capsules per pack. Due to the differing vitamin tablet and capsule sizes, this meant that a 500 ml bottle was needed to accommodate a six month supply.

Realising that its regular supplier would need to invest in new tooling to develop the desired container, Boots asked RPC Group if a suitable bottle could be created using existing moulds. One of its subsidiaries, RPC Market Rasen, used its expertise in extrusion blow moulding to produce the HDPE bottle, colour-matched in silver to existing containers in the Boots vitamin range.

Boots has also been able to take advantage of RPC’s ‘one stop’ resource for packaging requirements, as the bottle’s twist-and-turn Child Resistant Closure is supplied by RPC Halstead.

“RPC has helped us to ensure that consumers who prefer a bigger pack size of vitamins can now benefit from a single, highly visible and convenient pack format whatever their purchase,” commented Kristin Holland, Vitamin Brand Manager at Boots.

A glass illusion of movement

It appears to turn, to swing, to swirl up a fragrant aura – an illusion in glass; ‘Dancing Lady’ is the new perfume from Oriflame for which designers from German converter Gerresheimer have conjured up a magical flacon: in its own way just as vivacious and beautiful as the fantastically fragrant orchid from which ‘Dancing Lady’ takes its name.

Unlike the rare and vivacious bloom from the South Pacific rainforests which is reminiscent of a real dancer in a floating dress, the refined little flacon displays spherical shapes to allow the idea of the flower and its dance to be translated into a highly original and disarming abstraction.

Like the unfolding petals of a bud, the glass artists in Gerresheimer Momignies shaped three spheres into a fantastically light and vivacious object: the ingenious design gives the glass ‘Dancing Lady’ an unmistakable swing. GerresheimerOriflameB

In precise terms, the design consists of two spherical bowls set into each other and embracing a third apparently complete sphere. Asymmetry brings optical movement to this structure: the bowls incline in different angles and directions, and from the centre the smallest sphere grows as an immaculate globe.

To complete the vivacious picture, the designers introduced a hint of white on the clear glass – in ‘degradee’ spraying which gradually disappears towards the base in weightless transparency. The crowning glory to this is provided by the closure: in vibrant metallic lilac the spray head glints from a blossom-white sleeve which also looks like a multilayered bud – swinging in harmony with the glass, but in miniature.

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