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The dual-chamber dispensing bottle

The dual-chamber dispensing bottle, packaging, Asia, China, cosmetics packaging
While multi-phase solutions have become fairly common, they are often packaged in separate containers even though the products they contain are to be used consecutively or in tandem.

To tackle this, Chinese converter Gidea Packaging Co Ltd has released a packaging concept that addresses the issue in one neat and tidy container.

Gidea's solution is its Dual-Chamber Dispensing Bottle, an intriguing concept where the container is split into two distinct reservoirs with complementary dispensing pumps that can be used individually or simultaneously, depending on how the products contained are to be applied.

The bottle is small, light, and designed so that it dispenses evenly from first use through last; and it saves on space, ensuring precious room in, for example, a medicine cabinet isn't wasted.The dual-chamber dispensing bottle, packaging, Asia, China, cosmetics packaging

The dual bottle, like many of Gidea's packaging solutions, is composed of hard ABS with a clear and sterile PP lining to ensure full product compatibility, no matter what it contains.

The packaging solution is convenient for consumers because it is a simple and effective way to house complementary products, keeping them together so the risk of misplacing one product component is minimized. In addition, because the bottle is an airless container, products stay fresher for longer.

For brand owners, they can enjoy lower costs as the container saves on material usage and contributes to the reduction of emissions through the elimination of superfluous manufacturing.

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