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Singapore initiates industry collaboration for smart packaging development

Singapore initiates industry collaboration for smart packaging development, Asia packaging, Singapore, Smart Packaging, food packaging
Government research agency A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) has launched a new project focusing on printed electronics for smart packaging, which will see industry players working together to develop capabilities in design, prototyping and manufacturing of smart packaging with printed electronics and to establish a strong supply chain for printed electronics smart packaging in Singapore.

Smart packaging applications - such as dynamic labels that blink an image and reprogrammable decoration on packages; packaging with audio and timer; packaging enabled by RFID for location tracking and status indication of remaining product quantity in a can; and pharmaceutical smart labels using printed temperature sensing labels to measure the integrity of packaged pharmaceuticals during transport and in storage – are expected to boost the market’s value to more than US$ 1.45 billion in the next decade.

By setting up the Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) using Printed Electronics for Smart Packaging, SimTech hopes that the packaging and printing industries, industry associations, system or software solution providers and integrators to build capabilities across the supply chain to capture value in smart packaging.

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