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New closure offers greater protection and consumer convenience

New closure offers greater protection and consumer convenience, Bericap, Asia packaging, Germany, caps and closures
Bericap has introduced a new closure for edible oil and vinegar with design Components that offer great convenience for consumers, cleanliness and functionality.

The new Bericap flip top press-on closure features a tamper evidence band that both right- and left-handed consumers can easily manage. Once the flip top is opened with just the thumb, a second tamper evidence function in the form of a tear-off membrane safeguards product integrity.

Easy pouring is supported by an integrated marguerite flow control. After pouring, a non-drip lip keeps the neck clean from oil, ensuring the bottle remains clean as well.

The two-piece closure is currently available in two colours; the outside shell can be a different colour to the marguerite flow control inside.

The product is already in commercial production, and was recently introduced onto the market by a leading filler of vinegar in Germany.


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