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New glass polymer packaging offers rigid plastic benefits with crystal glass clarity

New glass polymer packaging offers rigid plastic benefits with crystal glass clarity, Spectra Packaging, Asia packaging, UK, plastic packaging
UK –
A new glass polymer material packaging solution now provides brand owners with an authentic alternative to glass with all the benefits of rigid plastics.

Recently developed by Spectra Packaging, the new glass polymer has been designed to replicate the clear thick walls of glass, benefiting from a slightly uneven chunky base that looks just like the real thing.

In addition, the new products also feel like glass with a density that is heavier than conventional plastic, offering a rigidity that exudes quality and sophistication.

“Our new glass polymer provides customers with the crystal clarity of normal glass, but with all the performance and flexibility of conventional rigid plastic,” explained Spectra sales director Jonathan Powell.

“Although the use of glass offers a premium feel to convey a high-end luxury appearance, there are a number of shortcomings in its use, such as cost, wastage, breakages and colouring limitations - our glass polymer successfully eliminates all such drawbacks.”

When comparing standard glass to the new glass polymer, there are also a number of other benefits to the customer, Powell explained: “Because our new glass polymer is extrusion blow moulded, customers can have the same kind of bespoke distinctive designs they enjoy with conventional plastics but with the look and feel of real glass.”

He added, “Durability and safety is another key consideration. Our glass polymer is shatterproof, with none of the potential breakage issues associated when transporting or using conventional glass packaging.

“Another prime advantage is the ability to easily colour and decorate these new offerings, in our case in-house, adding additional flexibility for a premium packaging solution all under one roof.”


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