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New wash-off labels for returnable bottles

New wash-off labels for returnable bottles, H.B. Fuller, Asia packaging, Switzerland, packaging labels
H.B. Fuller has launched a new water-based pressure sensitive adhesive that helps beverage producers remove PSA labels during the label wash-off process of returnable bottles.

Fulltak SE 8301 connects ideal coating, drying and conversion performance for the label stock producer with optimum labelling performance and clean label removal for the beverage producer.

Intricately designed PSA labels can be efficiently applied to glass bottles. Under typical conditions, Fulltak SE 8301 delivers two hours ice-water resistance, thus maintaining brand integrity during use.

Additionally, returned bottles are easily processed through the wash-off cycle - labels coated with this new adhesive are cleanly removed during a typical warm, caustic wash-off process, and importantly, it remains coated on the label, minimising contamination of the wash water.

Stuart Jenkinson, business director, H.B. Fuller, said, “We continue to match product and process innovations to our customers’ critical needs. Fulltak SE 8301 enables label producers to efficiently manufacture high performance PSA paper labels that deliver the value-added benefit of clean label wash-off from returnable bottles.”


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