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New metallized film from India offers optimum barrier properties

New metallized film from India offers optimum barrier properties, Cosmo Films, Asia packaging, India packaging, packaging film
Major domestic BOPP film manufacturer Cosmo Films has introduced a new metallized film that offers high moisture and gas barrier properties.

The BOPP film is generally used as part of a duplex/triplex laminate structure with OPP/PET/PE layers, offering good lamination bond.

According to Cosmo Films, the film can be used for all food and personal care end-use applications where moisture barrier properties are of utmost importance. The film also offers optimum gas barrier properties.

In addition, the film has good heat seal strength for pouching applications, and can also be used for cold sealing.

Available in 12/15/18 microns, the film’s metallization offers superior anchorage with the film, and the treated metallized surface may be used for printing,” said Cosmo Films CEO Pankaj Poddar.

“We are also working on a coated product with drastically enhanced gas barrier properties.”


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