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Substantially increased barrier for containers for solid pharmaceuticals

Substantially increased barrier for containers for solid pharmaceuticals, Gerresheimer, Asia packaging, Germany, pharmaceutical packaging
An improved Duma Twist-Off container called Duma Twist-Off Advanced for solid pharmaceuticals featuring more uniform wall thickness, through optimized closure design to compatibility with all other high quality Duma Twist-Off and Duma OneLiner closures has been introduced by Gerresheimer.

Duma Twist-Off Advanced containers are more stable than their predecessors because the thinner areas have been eliminated and they have a more uniform wall thickness distribution. Their permeation has also been further reduced and their barrier properties improved.

“As a result of our longstanding collaboration with our customers we have been able to integrate their suggestions and requirements for sustainable increased barrier in our containers. We continuously optimize our products, even the proven pharmaceutical packaging products, so that we can deliver added value to our customers and patients,” said Niels Düring, Global Senior Vice President Plastic Packaging at Gerresheimer.

The new design is compatible with all other high quality Duma Twist-Off closures, including the Duma OneLiner. Duma Twist-Off Advanced also has a full set of documentation for product registration

The new Duma Twist-Off Advanced containers with closures are available in sizes 15, 35, 75, 100 and 150 ml.



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