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Highly sculpted PET container for spirits industry

Highly sculpted PET container for spirits industry, Amcor Limited, ScorCreative, Asia packaging, US
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Advanced sculpting techniques have delivered a 1.75L concept bottle with unique and eye-catching qualities.

ScorCreative at Amcor, the structural design studioco-located at Amcor Rigid Plastics in the US, recently achieved a major technical feat by developing a highly innovative Growler-type hand-sculpted 1.75L PET liquor bottle. This innovative concept package design integrates a nautical theme with several three-dimensional qualities including etchings of an octopus sculpted into the bottle’s shape.

“Our goal with this concept design was to go beyond traditional etching and engraving and open up our customers’ eyes to the possibilities,” said Rick Rangler, senior designer for ScorCreative. “We want to help them see beyond a traditional logo on the bottle and instead create a canvas for artwork.”

The unique bottle design delivers a container with strong shelf appeal, according to Greg Hurley, ScorCreative senior designer: “Ultimately, the bottle’s highly attractive and eye-catching shelf appeal motivates consumers to want to hold the container.” Highly sculpted PET container for spirits industry, Amcor Limited, ScorCreative, Asia packaging, US

A set of geometry was developed, providing more than an engraving but a highly refined structural element inspired by the nautical theme, said Hurley. Extensive detail went into the highly sculpted design which provides an organic flow and a unique textural experience for the consumer, he added.

Amcor utilized several software systems which were adapted from the gaming, animation, movie, and automotive industries, along with its proprietary process applications to accomplish the project in an unconventional manner. Different elements of each software program were combined and then put in the hands of industrial designer Hurley who developed an “artistic” rendition of the nautical theme. The PET container includes a cork closure, a neck finger hole, and an octopus etched around the shoulder of the bottle.

“This breakthrough design delivers etching and engraving that isn’t possible with traditional 3-D modelling software,” said Hurley. “The concept bottle highlights Amcor's drive to push the boundaries of PET and typical package constraints by utilizing cutting edge technology.”

Complementing the design is a unique die-cut paper label which has a treasure map design with assimilated burned edges. Rangler developed the “Hard to Port” brand which would be targeted for commercialization of a dark rum liquor product.

ScorCreative will adapt the learnings from this concept design to ultimately create a commercial container that is not only eye-catching but functional. A key goal is adapting the 3-D CAD model and creating the intricate detail through the blow molding process, thus taking the design from concept to store shelf.

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