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Automatic closing and opening lid for industrial packaging

Automatic closing and opening lid for industrial packaging, Ardagh Group, Asia packaging, Luxembourg, industrial packaging
Ardagh Group has introduced a unique automatic closing and opening innovation for 10-30 litre pails for the paint and chemical industries.

The SpRing Latch metal closing innovation for 5-30 litre metal conical pails eliminates the need for manual closing of the standard Latch Ring closure and greatly improves filling efficiencies and customer convenience.

This patented innovation from Ardagh enables fillers to close pails automatically utilizing current industry equipment. No new investments in costly closing equipment is required.

The Spring Latch closing system has a unique design whereby an integrated spring automatically allows the latch to expand when vertical pressure – pusherplate- is applied to the lid. The SpRing Latch is subsequently pressed over the rim of the container and securely fixes the lid onto the container.

This simple yet ingenious manoeuvre seals the lid, but allows the customer to open and re-close the pails effortlessly as they were accustomed to doing in the past.


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