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First hot-fill PET containers for use with metal lug closures

First hot-fill PET containers for use with metal lug closures, Amcor, Asia packaging, Australia, PET packaging
Amcor Rigid Plastics has developed what it says is a first for the food packaging industry: unique hot-fill polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers which accept metal lug closures.

For the first time, consumers who are familiar with the look and quality feel of a glass jar with a metal lug closure can now enjoy the same quality and reassurance of the fresh “pop” of a metal lug closure on a lightweight, shatter-proof PET jar.

The breakthrough technology, called the A-PEX63TM system, allows the fitment of metal lug closures to blow-and-trim 24oz hot-fill containers. The A-PEX63 TM system ensures that sealing integrity is maintained and meets the industry average for removal torque (ease of opening). Brand owners can also maintain the same brand equity with the switch from glass to PET.

The patent-pending technology was achieved through the use of advanced design and engineering techniques, according to Bunlim Ly, senior marketing manager for Amcor Rigid Plastics: “This is a major development which firmly positions PET hot-fill containers in the food packaging industry,” said Ly. 

“We’ve filled an important need for consumers and brand owners who seek the benefits of PET containers with metal lug closures, delivering the same quality and freshness associated with glass along with significant performance, manufacturing, and sustainability benefits.”First hot-fill PET containers for use with metal lug closures, Amcor, Asia packaging, Australia, PET packaging

The enabling technology creates “a paradigm shift” for the food packaging industry from conventional glass with metal closures to plastic with metal closures, according to Peter Bates, Amcor’s senior R&D engineer who worked closely on the technology: “This is a unique solution which mimics glass in its acceptance of metal closures while also providing all the inherent benefits of plastics.”

The 24oz stock hot-fill containers, targeted for food applications such as jams, jellies, salsas, apple sauce, and pesto sauce, are a drop-in solution for manufacturers, providing reduced total cost of ownership and environmental benefits such as reduced carbon footprint. The shift to A-PEX63 TM PET containers requires no capital investment and can be adapted to existing capping and filling equipment.

The A-PEX63 TMcontainers sport a 63mm finish with a functional “pop” tamper-evident indicator button on the closure. The "pop" that consumers hear when opening a jar has long been associated with freshness and product security.

The containers are also hot fillable up to 205°F (96°C) and available with Amcor’s unique PowerflexTM vacuum absorbing base for those applications that require enhanced vacuum performance.

A recent consumer focus group conducted by Amcor showed that A-PEX63 TM containers maintained a product’s brand equity and reassured consumers about freshness. Consumers also liked the “pop” feature, the reduced weight, and the easy-to-grip, easy-open feature. The hot-fill containers also passed distribution abuse testing including variation, impact, and 5-ft vertical drop evaluations.

Amcor has conducted extensive lab scale and line trial testing to prove the technology. The 24oz containers are commercially available for food manufacturers throughout the U.S. Amcor is also evaluating the potential of expanding the technology to include 16oz and 48oz containers for similar hot-fill food applications.


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