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New non-aerosol dispensing technology offers safer and green alternative

New non-aerosol dispensing technology offers safer and green alternative, Noatec, Asia packaging, Germany, packaging dispenser
A novel non-aerosol dispensing technology that eliminates all risks associated with aerosol spray cans by no longer requiring the use of compressed gas, is offering itself as a greener, safer alternative to aerosols.

Developed by German company Noatec, ‘Flexpack’ is a patented technology which is bio-mechanically based on the 'Balloon Principle', whereby water filled in a balloon ejects its content when released.

The Flexpack system builds up contractional energy during the filling process and stores it at only 2 bar in a silicone force element inside a plastic housing. During this filling process Flexpack expands just like a balloon and is then under pressure. A valve prevents the escape of any extinguisher agent or any other filling substances. A closing mechanism controls how the content is dispensed.New non-aerosol dispensing technology offers safer and green alternative, Noatec, Asia packaging, Germany, packaging dispenser

Together with a leading manufacturer of silicone, Noatec engineered a unique silicone compound of which the force element is fully made. Tectro SMT has also developed a complex two-component injection moulding process for the production.

According to Noatec, the Flexpack dispensing system offers environmental considerable savings over aerosols, in which up to 80% of the total volume of the spray can is needed to contain the propellants for content dispensing. Flexpack also overcomes other potential problems associated with pressurised gas, such as risk of explosion, corrosion, and impacts on the respiratory system from micron size particles achieved by the high pressure dispensing. The 'soft' dispensing pressure of the Flexpack system and lack of propellants avoids any such health risks.

Flexpack can be filled with numerous substances, including liquid and paste-like substances of all viscosities and chemical compositions, as well as oily, alcoholic and aqueous solutions of all kinds. As the system is completely airless, Flexpack forms an airtight seal around the content – allowing for the packaging of oxygen-sensitive materials or particularly pure substances such as biocosmetics or foodstuffs. It also makes it possible to use new recipes and substances, as well as opens new opportunities for technical uses or in fire protection.

Various nozzles and actuators enable content to be dispensed in an optimal way. Flexpack works with whichever packaging it is placed in; besides cylindrical packaging, other shapes and materials are possible. The force element is fully functional for dispensing its content at operating temperatures between -40°C and +80°C at a shelf life of five years.

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