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New dairy product pack for easy snacking

New dairy product pack for easy snacking, RPC Superfos, Asia packaging, UK, dairy packaging
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An innovative and brand new packaging solution for dairy producers features a convenient spoon and is in tune with consumer demand for more easy meals on-the-go.

Developed by RPC Superfos, the stylish pack comes with a spoon integrated into the lid of a square pot. It is very easy to get hold of the spoon; all you need to do is to tear off a self-adhesive peel-off label on top of the plastic pot.

Søren Marcussen, Executive VP CSO, from RPC Superfos says, ”It is a very handy and practical solution: The spoon is ready to grab without any need for opening a smaller plastic bag. The key word is simplicity - there is all you need, but no more than that.”

Just like the injection moulded plastic pot as a whole, the spoon is beautifully designed and a delight to hold. The entire solution features attractive smooth lines and gives a soft impression – quite similar to the texture of any dairy content.

New dairy product pack for easy snacking, RPC Superfos, Asia packaging, UK, dairy packagingThe design is available in two versions: one with the spoon in the lid and one with a higher lid, with room for both a crunchy topping and the spoon. There are two sizes - a brimful of 210 ml or 300 ml.

Apart from outstanding convenience and functionality, the pot is reclosable, stable and optimised for stacking, filled or empty.

In-mould labelling means the brand identity is maximised on-shelf with colours, pictures, decorations and trademarks rendered in premium image quality.

“The new easy snacking pack has already attracted a good deal of attention and one of our customers is currently planning a dairy product launch later this year in the pot with the in-lid spoon,” says Marcussen. “We trust consumers will receive both content and pack very well.”


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