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Coca-Cola seeks entry in Indian lower-income market for juices

Coca-Cola seeks entry in Indian lower-income market for juices, The Coca-Cola Company (TCC), Tetra Pak, Asia packaging, India packaging
The Coca-Cola Company (TCC) will soon launch its mango drink, Maaza, in sachet strips to expand its presence in the lower-income consumer market.

TCC says it will introduce Maaza to the Indian market in 100-ml Tetra Fino sachets from Tetra Pak. This is a first for both companies; Tetra Fino has traditionally been used only for dairy products.

The products will coast less than Rs 10 (US$0.17) and will be made available at mom-and-pop stores across the country – making the products more accessible to India’s large lower-income consumer market segment.

Maaza sachets, which are the lowest produced in TC’s portfolio of ready-to-drink beverages in India, have already been tested in select regions in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal over 12-14 months.

In addition, TCC plans to offer its other juice brand, Minute Maid, and its range of fruit flavours in Tetra Fino pouches in India.


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