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High-tech packaging for premium eye contour treatments

High-tech packaging for premium eye contour treatments, Yonwoo, Innoderm, Asia packaging, South Korea
French laboratory Innoderm is using a South Korean patented airless ampoule system to package its new skin care treatments, Hyalu Serum 2.3 Eye Contour Serum and Cream.

The Innoderm vials use Yonwoo's patented airless system of Ampoule Program vials to keep oxygen and contaminants out and maintain the formula's efficacy. They have a metal roller ball applicator, which gives a pleasant cooling effect as it glides smoothly over the skin.

To use, the inner 4ml bottle is pressed through a thumb slot at the base of the pack, releasing a 0.15cc dose of product. This is applied directly to the treatment area, rolling the formula onto the eye contours for 60 seconds to ensure deep penetration.

"We liked the Ampoule Program because it offered very precise, very targeted application to local areas. Our complex formula benefits from airless protection and, of course, the design is great. The quality of our product is reflected in the packaging," said Flavien Profumo, founder of Innoderm.


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