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Nestlé to revamp Nescafe’s global packaging design

Nestlé to revamp Nescafe’s global packaging design, Nestlé, Asia packaging, packaging design, beverage packaging
Nescafe is launching a unified, global look and feel across all products in the 180 countries where the instant coffee is sold.

It is the first time in the Nestlé brand’s 75-year history that each and every Nescafé product in the brand portfolio- which spans soluble coffee, in-home machines and coffee mixes - will share the same visual identity and use the same new slogan: “It all starts with a Nescafé”.

“Nescafé is our largest single brand, a CHF10 billion (US$11.23 billion) brand, and one of the cornerstones of our company. It is a symbol of Nestlé all around the world,” said Patrice Bula, Nestlé Global Head of Marketing.

“But we live in a more globalised, social world and we realised that we needed a more unified, powerful umbrella for a brand like Nescafé - a single personality that could also be expressed differently in each country,” he explained.

The unified approach to packaging design, communication and digital strategy for Nescafé - which Nestlé claims is the world’s first instant coffee and the fifth most valuable food and drink brand - will feature several key design elements developed with new, younger consumers in mind.

These include the Nescafé red accent, taken from the modernised Nescafé brand mark, the iconic red Nescafé mug and a stylised graphic device, the “hub” – an aerial view of a mug of coffee.

The makeover project, titled ‘REDvolution’ by Nestlé, is just the latest stage in the brand’s continuous renewal and renovation and is being rolled out globally throughout 2014, covering over 90% of sales by the end of the year.

One of the key target consumer audiences that Nestlé hopes to reach out to with this project is the younger consumers, whose lifestyles have influenced the way coffee is consumed and the resulting evolving coffee shop trends.


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