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New unique bottle design for UK brewer

New unique bottle design for UK brewer, Beatson Clark, Thornbridge Brewery, Asia packaging, UK
UK -
Thornbridge Brewery in Bakewell, brewers of the award-winning Jaipur IPA, has introduced a new bespoke 500ml amber glass bottle that stands out on retail shelves.

UK glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark was commissioned to design the bottle, which features the Thornbridge Brewery crest around the shoulder and the strapline ‘Innovation Passion Knowledge’ around the base.

“We’re delighted to be working with Beatson Clark as it means we’re paying substantially less for a bespoke custom bottle,” said Emilio Arciello, Sales Executive at Thornbridge Brewery.

“The new design is much better looking than our current bottle, and as it’s coming from Rotherham rather than overseas our carbon fooprint and our shipping costs will be reduced.New unique bottle design for UK brewer, Beatson Clark, Thornbridge Brewery, Asia packaging, UK

“We’ve been very impressed with Beatson Clark’s design and production skills and we’d definitely recommend them to other people.”

Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark, said the partnership with Thornbridge Brewery strengthens the glass manufacturer’s growing reputation in the brewing sector.

“We specialise in creating bespoke packaging solutions for niche brands, so the growing craft beer market in the UK and overseas is perfect for us,” she said.

“In a crowded marketplace craft brewers have to use are using embossing and bespoke bottle designs to differentiate their products from their competitors. The range of bottled beers on offer in pubs, bars and supermarkets is extensive, so the appearance and design of the product are really important.

“We have already produced bottles for breweries such as Meantime Brewery in London and Brooklyn Brewery in New York and we were very pleased to be asked to create a new bottle for Thornbridge.”

Thornbridge Brewery currently brews 19 bottled beers, including Otto Weizen Doppelbock (8%), Sequoia American Amber Ale (4.5%), Saint Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout (7.4%) and Halcyon Imperial IPA (7.4%). The brewery exports 40% of its beer all over the world.

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