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Chocolate milk with real coconut flakes in aseptic carton packs

Chocolate milk with real coconut flakes in aseptic carton packs, Latco, SIG Combibloc, ChocoLatco, Asia packaging
Local consumers can now enjoy two unique varieties of chocolate milk containing flakes of real coconut, made possible by a special drinksplus packaging technology.

Brazilian dairy company Latco is launching ChocoLatco+, a range of premium UHT products that give consumers a totally new drinking sensation, because the flakes provide a perceptible added value. ChocoLatco+ is available in two versions: ‘chocolate with coconut flakes’ and ‘chocolate and tropical strawberry with coconut flakes’.

The products have been made possible by the unique drinksplus technology from SIG Combibloc, which allows beverages with up to 10% natural particulate content to be processed and aseptically filled in carton packs on standard filling machines from SIG Combibloc for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks: an innovation that offers genuine additional benefits for food manufacturers and for consumers.

The two new chocolate drinks from Latco are characterised by a very high cocoa content, combining premium quality chocolate with flakes of real coconut. The new chocolate drinks open up a totally new drinking experience for consumers. Similarly, the drinksplus technology presents Brazil’s beverage industry with completely new possibilities.

Chocolate milk with real coconut flakes in aseptic carton packs, Latco, SIG Combibloc, ChocoLatco, Asia packagingBoth ChocoLatco+ flavours are filled in the carton pack combiblocSmall 250 ml on a standard filling machine from SIG Combibloc for liquid dairy products. To fill the innovative beverages, the machine CFA 712 has been fitted with an easy-to-install ‘drinksplus kit’.

The innovative drinksplus technology from SIG Combibloc can create more than just beverages containing coconut flakes. Pieces of real fruit and vegetables or cereals can also be filled without any difficulty – the particulate content in the product can be up to 10%. Individual bits can be up to six millimetres in length and width. This brings products containing real, perceptible additional benefits onto the supermarket shelf. The products not only contribute to a balanced, healthy diet, but thanks to their unusual texture they also provide a new drinking sensation.

Luciana Galvão, Head of Marketing at SIG Combibloc South America, said, “Consumers today are more interested than ever in eating a healthy and varied diet. And they’re also on the lookout for special moments of indulgence and new, unusual taste experiences. Beverages containing perceptible, natural particulates combine both. They are right up-to the-minute, and meet consumers’ demands.

“With the drinksplus technology, in Brazil the ground has now been laid for scores of trendy beverage concepts that represent a genuinely innovative step.”


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