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African beer brand uses aluminium bottle for greater marketing impact

African beer brand uses aluminium bottle for greater marketing impact, SKOL, Ball Corporation, Asia packaging, Africa
The African beer brand SKOL is marketing its SKOL PLATINUM beer in Rwanda with an extruded longneck aluminium bottle that emphasizes the premium brand in adding elegance at point of sale.

The brand team around SKOL has a vision: They want to build SKOL to a major quality beer brand all over Africa. Connecting people by creating relieve, aspiration and fun, they see consumers at the heart of everything they do. Looking for superior quality, service and innovation opportunities, they worked with beverage can producer Ball and opted for the premium product Impact Bottle to underline the superior quality of their SKOL PLATINUM Beer.

The 33cl Impact Bottle targets a young and urban consumer group between the age of 22 and 28. Mark Mugarura, marketing director at SKOL in Rwanda, is convinced of the benefits of the longneck aluminum bottle: “We always strive to be unique and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. An innovative packaging like the Impact Bottle provides us with a great opportunity to add to our portfolio.”

African beer brand uses aluminium bottle for greater marketing impact, SKOL, Ball Corporation, Asia packaging, AfricaThe Impact extruded bottle is first launched on the growing African market which is set to double in size over the next ten years. With the bottle’s entire surface printed in eight different colors, its graphic design shines to attract a luxury thirsty target group. Protecting the product from light and air, the shiny pack consistently keeps content fresh and quality steady.

The Impact Bottle is 100% recyclable and offers advantages for manufacturer and consumer alike: It is light, cannot shutter, chills fast and feels cool. An air cushion absorbs the pressure of carbonation and so reduces the risk of fizzing. The slender bottle serves as a brand ambassador at point of sale or at high-profile events and premium hotspots.

“Our Impact Bottles have a premium appeal,” says Adriana Escobar, product manager at Ball. “In addition they are absolutely lightproof and act as a shield for sensitive beverages, protecting the quality of the product perfectly and hence allowing the consumer to indulge in a thorough brand experience.”

SKOL will use the Impact Bottle primarily as packaging for special occasions or limited offers. “The initial launch is planned for the Rwandan market only, but if our consumers appreciate our beer in the new Impact Bottle, we may adopt it in some of our other markets,” explains Mugarura.

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