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Indian food company realigns brand with new packaging

Indian food company realigns brand with new packaging, Saffola, Bluemarlin, Asia packaging, India
Local heart care food brand Saffola has launched a vibrant new 2D/3D-packaging design for its line of oat-based breakfast cereals – a 26-SKU range which includes plain oats, savoury oats and muesli - this month in India.

International branding and design agency bluemarlin was tasked to craft a new packaging design that helps leverage Saffola’s heritage, connoting their expertise in health for a more positive and fulfilling life. The packaging needed to appeal to Indian mothers, who are looking to provide their families with a breakfast that is delicious as well as nutritious, and gives them the start they need to be at their best.

Bluemarlin focused on clearly defining a visual space that Saffola would own. The shape of the previous logo, which represented care, has been opened up and now takes more prominence on the pack. Created with thin golden ribbons and featuring bursting rays of sunshine, it conveys the optimism of the brand whilst delicious photography of the product provides taste appeal. These elements work together to create an emotional connection with consumers, assuring them that with Saffola, they can nurture and love their families well. Indian food company realigns brand with new packaging, Saffola, Bluemarlin, Asia packaging, India

This universal symbol has also been elevated to prominence in Saffola’s new light-weighted tub of oats. Far removed from the industrial tubs Saffola used previously, the ergonomic structure features an impactful red heart at the centre of the pack, reflecting the brand’s premium offering and health benefits.

“The breakfast category in the India market is growing, but still relatively  underdeveloped,” explained Anne Rowe, Design Director at Bluemarlin Bath.  “Thus, this was a great opportunity for Saffola to set itself apart from the rest.  Instead of the formulaic fields of oats, the new design is bright, lively and relevant to modern Indians and their focus on the future.”

“Entering the breakfast category was an exciting and natural move for Saffola given its strong health equity,” said Sameer Satpathy, EVP & Business Head, Marico India. “We had gone about it in a phased manner over the last three years, launching one product after another.

“It was important to consolidate the packaging of the range so it appeared as a unified family and leveraged the new proposition. The new design by bluemarlin captures Saffola's strong health credentials in an accessible way, communicating wholesomeness and deliciousness to all members of the family.”

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