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Valspar Paint launches into Australia with new packaging design

Valspar Paint launches into Australia with unconventional packaging design, Bluemarlin, Valspar Corporation, Asia packaging, Australia
International paint and coatings manufacturer Valspar has launched a new range of paints into the Australian market with a stunning packaging design aimed at increasing its competitiveness.

The Sydney studio of global branding and design agency bluemarlin was tasked with developed a strategic portfolio solution that would accentuate Valspar’s ethos of ‘Owning Color’. While one of the largest painting and coating companies in the world, Valspar had no equity in Australia. In order to compete, the brand need a compelling creative solution that would distinguish it from the category’s more established and reputable brands as well as appeal to consumers in a completely new way.

Taking a refreshing and revolutionary approach, the design revolves around a color spectrum device that highlights choice, color knowledge, and the expressive nature of paint. Cutting through the color spectrum is a ‘V’ and paint droplet, which serve as holding shapes to assist with variant navigation.

EValspar Paint launches into Australia with unconventional packaging design, Bluemarlin, Valspar Corporation, Asia packaging, Australiaasily recognisable and delivering strong shelf standout, this solution breaks through by breaking away from the category convention of featuring generic lifestyle photography on pack. It also addresses the undo complexity of purchasing paint by effectively utilising the back of pack to further guide consumers in their choices.

“Buying paint is an emotional experience that often become a frustrating burden,” explained Candice Dunn, client services director at bluemarlin Sydney. “Our goal was to create a design that acts as a personal assistance to each consumer, providing them with the information they need while inspiring them with color.”

Valspar ANZ’s general manager of marketing Philippa Durant said, “The simple and effective design poises Valspar to become leaders of the category. It revolutionises the category with a cleaner, fresher and much more confident look, offering consumers in the Australian market something completely different.”

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