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Brian Clarke bottle design elevates premium craft spirits category

Brian Clarke bottle design elevates premium craft spirits category, Owens-Illinios Inc, O-I Covet, Yaguara, Asia packaging
A striking new bottle for cachaça spirit maker Yaguara has debuted in Brazil, featuring a truly gorgeous artistic design.

Developed by Owens-Illinois Inc (O-I), the bottle was created for the new ultra-premium spirit through a design partnership between renowned UK artist Brian Clarke, the O-I Covet team and Yaguara.

The new bottle creates a differentiated shelf presence to support Yaguara's high-end positioning for its cachaça brand in the global market. Cachaça is a high proof, cane-based spirit and the national spirit of Brazil. The bottle, which reflects Brian Clarke's artistry, is made at O-I's Soacha, Colombia, plant. Covet is O-I's collection of luxury packaging products.

"Covet's luxury product and service offerings were the perfect match for Yaguara's business objectives," said Rildo Lima, vice president and general manager of O-I's Covet brand. "O-I is proud to support Yaguara's strategy to create a new sense of luxury in the cachaça category. Offering this prestige product through a genuine work of art raises the profile of cachaça spirits in global markets."

Brian Clarke bottle design elevates premium craft spirits category, Owens-Illinios Inc, O-I Covet, Yaguara, Asia packaging"O-I has been an integral partner in getting Cachaça Yaguara to market," said Thyrso Camargo, co-founder of Yaguara. "Their commitment to breaking the boundaries in glass and bottle design has led to the fantastic product we have today. Consumers have responded very positively to the product at both the launch events in Brazil."

This is the first commercial collaboration for Clarke, one of the world's most famous stained glass artists. "This project has given me the chance to celebrate the artistry of glass with a global audience," said Clarke. "The bottle's form is familiar, but its radical exterior hints at the elixir within, a promise of all that makes life enjoyable."

This bottle is O-I's third collaboration to bring an artistic aesthetic to consumers. In 2011, O-I partnered with renowned artist Fernando Botero to create the bottle for Colombian rum maker Ron Medellin's signature product. Last month, O-I and Ron Medellin partnered on a bottle inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

"We're seeing a continued trend in the growing preference for new world tastes in old world markets," said Lima. "That means new opportunities for brands in both mature and emerging markets, and connecting with consumers in powerful ways is key. We developed Covet to help super premium brands make those connections through glass."

Yaguara is currently available in Brazil and is one of the featured products in the holiday gift baskets of Emporio Santa Maria, Sao Paolo's exclusive food emporium market. Yaguara intends to export this product to North America, Europe and Asia.

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