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Milkshake in an aluminium can

Milkshake in an aluminium can, Alcon Group, Rexam, Asia packaging, Russia
Alcon Group has launched a new carbonated flavoured milkshake in aluminium cans.

The new milkshake beverage, branded MIO, was launched in collaborated with Rexam. Recognising a gap in the market amongst teenagers and young adults for a carbonated milk based drink, the partners worked together to produce an innovative can design to introduce the first such beverage in Russia.Milkshake in an aluminium can, Alcon Group, Rexam, Asia packaging, Russia

The launch of MIO sees Rexam working with a dairy product, demonstrating the growing demand for the use of aluminium cans in the category, says the converter. Produced out of Rexam’s Vsevolozhsk plant in Russia, the bright and concise design is being produced in a 33cl Sleek can.

Nikita Volkov, MIO Marketing Director says, “It was great to work closely with Rexam to produce a can that represents our brand image – young, fun and dynamic.

“The aluminium can is the perfect packaging for MIO offering an alternative format and giving us stand-out in the dairy based beverage category.”

Launched in late 2013, the new MIO range is available in blackcurrant and mint, pear, apple, strawberry and vanilla flavours. It is currently sold in retail outlets and local networks across Russia.


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