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Extra strong beer in both taste and packaging design

Extra strong beer in both taste and packaging design, Bavaria, Ball Packaging Europe, Asia packaging, Africa
The Bavaria brewery from the Netherlands is to launch 8.6 Black, an dark version of its classic Bavaria 8.6 beer, on the African market with 50 cl cans designed with a special embossing for an exclusive haptic experience.

8.6 Black is the latest addition to the 8.6 range from Dutch brewers Bavaria. To cater to African consumer tastes in packaging, Ball Packaging Europe was tasked to create a very special can. And the converter has done just that, by embossing the entire 50 cl aluminium can, save for the 8.6 logo which stands out in high-gloss gold, with the innovative Embossed Touch process for an exclusive haptic experience.

“The far more pronounced embossing achieved with Embossed Touch projects the sense of masculinity characterizing our target group,” explains Benjamin Kaempf, Global Marketing Manager at Bavaria. “The design also enhances product differentiation and point-of-sale visibility.”

A black lacquered can end further underscores the beer’s premium quality. 8.6 Black targets well-off male beer drinkers aged 18 to 49 who are looking for stout beers with character.

8.6 Black will be launched to start with in Tanzania, Kenya, Mali and Burkina Faso. Thailand, Asia, Canada and the USA will follow.

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