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Vivid graphic packaging design puts imagination into new WONKA chocolate

Vivid graphic packaging design puts imagination into new WONKA chocolate, Nestle, WONKA, bluemarlin, Asia packaging
Nestle’s new range of WONKA chocolate blocks, designed for family sharing, features vibrant graphic packaging design that captures consumers’ attention and helps them imagine the ‘magic’ behind the beloved chocolate product.

The Sydney studio of global brand and design consultancy bluemarlin was involved in a series of creative exploration workshops to uncover the unique areas for WONKA to develop, and helped create the strategic brand positioning and packaging for the new chocolate offering – which includes four variants: Triple Chocolate Whipple, Nutty Crunchilicious, Chocolate Tales and Caramel Hat Trick.

bluemarlin’s goal was to capture the anticipation and excitement that people associate with the brand, and bring it alive via packaging.

In order to reignite the modern day interpretation of the slightly weird and wonderful world of WONKA chocolate, as first introduced to consumers by Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in 1964, the designers were encouraged to “let their imaginations run wild”.

TVivid graphic packaging design puts imagination into new WONKA chocolate, Nestle, WONKA, bluemarlin, Asia packaginghe result is packaging that illustrates some of the top secret and wildly spectacular magic that takes place at the world’s most famous chocolate factory. With different delightful vibrant and vivid graphics for each of the variants, the imagery brings the different flavoured chocolates to life – almost as though the products are bursting forth from the packaging with all the magic that conjured them.

To hold the range together, WONKA’s signature burgundy provides the structural base for the graphic designs and creates strong colour blocking at shelf.

“Anything is possible in the world of WINKA,” said Polly Williams, Associate Creative Director of bluemarlin. “Our aim was to vividly communicate the magic and wonderful strangeness of that world while also creating a strong foundation for further explorations.”

Lisa May, Head of Marketing, Confectionery & Snacks for Nestle Australia, commented, “WONKA is a beloved brand that the family can enjoy. There is so much nostalgia surrounding the brand and people have a strong connection from their childhoods. bluemarlin has successfully updated the design, capturing the pure imagination of the past and making it relevant for today.”

WONKA’s new chocolate offering was launched in August this year, and is already achieving great success in Australia and New Zealand.

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