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Unique oxygen barrier extends seafood packaging shelf life

Unique oxygen barrier extends seafood packaging shelf life, Bornholms, RPC Superfos, Asia packaging, Denmark
Bornholms, a market leader in seafood in Scandinavia, has replaced its previous metal can packaging with a unique series of four types of customised polypropylene oxygen barrier packaging for longer product shelf life.

Specially developed by Danish injection moulded plastic packaging converter RPC Superfos for Bornholms, the innovative packaging solution is combined with a membrane sealing, and offers a two-year shelf life at ambient temperatures for selected seafood products.

“We have united several methods to establish an oxygen barrier in one single packaging,” explained Benny Nielsen Executive VP and Technology Director from RPC Superfos HQ.

“First, we create an oxygen barrier thanks to embedded barrier labels which fully cover the entire pack. Secondly, we embed additional barrier material in the middle of the packaging thanks to the two-component sandwich construction. And finally, we use virgin material which is approved for treatment under high temperatures and for autoclaving.”

Unique oxygen barrier extends seafood packaging shelf life, Bornholms, RPC Superfos, Asia packaging, DenmarkThe packaging design is extremely flexible and can easily be adapted to many types of foods that require an airtight storage. The three parameters can be adjusted according to any product filled into the pack and its need for subsequent processing.

Many food producers consider improved packaging as one of the ways to retain customer loyalty and to increase sales, commented Executive VP CSO Søren Marcussen: “The food industry now has another packaging option that withstands high temperatures, hot filling and autoclaving. At the same time, as it is a plastic pack, it has a fresh, contemporary aspect and a strong consumer appeal.”

In recognition of its development of this unique customised polypropylene oxygen barrier packaging, RPC Superfos was recently awarded a prestigious Scanstar 2013. The prestigious Scanstar Awards are presented annually, with winners selected by a jury of packaging experts from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

“It is fantastic to get a Scanstar,” said Nielsen. “We are very proud and happy because the award stresses that our barrier solution is unique.”

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