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New pharma packaging design works effectively as communication tool

New pharma packaging design works effectively as communication tool, Quinoderm, Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited, Seymourpowell, Asia packaging
UK –
Quinoderm, the OTC acne treatment from Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited, now has a new packaging design that clearly communicates the product’s benefits whilst simultaneously maintaining key elements of the historical brand.

London-based global design and innovation company Seymourpowell was responsible for the redesign of the cream tube and carton, and the bottle label on the face wash.

As part of the brief for the new packaging for Quinoderm there were several areas of focus. As Quinoderm is the only OTC product available without prescription with dual action (benzoyl peroxide and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate) available in the UK, and with two-strengths available, it was essential the new packaging provided improved product navigation and messaging hierarchy.

Whilst important to build on the brand heritage of using blue and orange, already familiar to pharmacists, it was critical to better communicate the dual action benefit of Quinoderm Cream and Face wash, as well as clearly distinguishing between Quinoderm 5 and Quinoderm 10 Cream (5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide).

Another key requirement of the brief was to maximise the Quinoderm branding and give the products a more reassuring and confident look, in keeping with its long-standing heritage and position in the market place in the UK.

Seymourpowell’s new packaging design provides Quinoderm with a fresh, bold positioning, clearly communicating the dual action and two-strength messaging, whilst simultaneously maintaining key elements of the historical brand.

Jonathan Shaw, Director of Seymourpowell Brand Packaging commented, “This redesign project was focused on giving Quinoderm a new point of view with strong on-shelf standout, brand recognisability and clear navigation.

“Quinoderm has been on the market as an acne treatment in the UK for the last 55 years. This new packaging design better reflects Quinoderm’s position in the market, and provides improved communication to shoppers on the product’s USP over competitors.”

Ceri Chard, Marketing Manager, Community & Consumer Products at Alliance added, “We’re very pleased with the new packaging design for Quinoderm. Seymourpowell has been the perfect partner during the process, providing a strategic understanding of the market place, competition, and the different approaches required for this product vs. others available off the shelf.”


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