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First stand-up oil pouch in US power sports industry

First stand-up oil pouch in US power sports industry, Glenroy Inc, Lube-Tech, Arctic Cat, Asia packaging
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Flexible packaging printer-converter Glenroy Inc and OEM lubricant formulator Lube-Tech have collaborated in developing the first stand-up oil pouch in the US power sports industry. Engineered for Arctic Cat's innovative new C-TEC2 Synthetic engine oil, the stand-up pouch is designed for easy pouring, convenient storage, waste reduction, and superior shelf impact.

Arctic Cat and Lube-Tech desired a durable package for C-TEC2 Synthetic 2-cycle oil that would provide visibility and convenience for consumers, reinforce the high-performance, environmentally-conscious characteristics of the new engine and oil, and provide high-barrier properties to protect the integrity of the high-performance synthetic oil blend. Lube-Tech developed initial concepts of flexible packaging options, and worked with Glenroy to engineer and produce the final stand-up pouch.

First stand-up oil pouch in US power sports industry, Glenroy Inc, Lube-Tech, Arctic Cat, Asia packagingThe C-TEC2 Synthetic oil pouch brings a new level of convenience to snowmobile oils. The lightweight and durable flexible pouch allows for convenient storage within an Arctic Cat snowmobile, while the pouch's tamper-evident easy-pour spout and ergonomic angled handle facilitate fast and easy pouring of oil into the snowmobile's compact oil reservoir.

The flexible pouch also provides several environmental benefits. As compared to a rigid oil bottle, the flexible pouch requires less energy and generates less CO2 emissions during production. It also has a higher product-to-package ratio, and requires fewer trucks for transportation, reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission. At end-of-pipe, it produces significantly less landfill waste through source reduction.

An additional important benefit that the flexible pouch provides is increased surface area to present the product's benefits and attention-grabbing Arctic Cat graphics. Compared to an industry standard 32 oz. F-style quart bottle -- which provides a total label area of approximately 29 square inches -- the flexible stand-up pouch provides almost 200 square inches of printed surface area, and poises the product to stand out on retail shelves.

Tom Schaefer, Lubricant Supervisor at Arctic Cat, said, "With our cutting-edge new engine design and oil formulation, we were thrilled when Lube-Tech suggested developing this innovative packaging for our C-TEC2 oil. We are proud to be at the forefront of the power sports industry with this new packaging. It will make the use of the product easier, while reducing waste. Plus, it gave us significantly more printable surface area to tell the C-TEC2 story and display the eye-catching graphics."


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