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Indian CSD brand shifts from glass to metal packaging

Indian CSD brand shifts from glass to metal packaging, Rexam, RIO-Fusion Drinks, Asia packaging, India packaging
RIO-Fusion Drinks, India’s first fruit flavoured carbonated beverage, has partnered with Rexam Beverage Can in a move that sees the brand shift from glass bottle to aluminium can packaging.

Rexam India is producing the 330ml Rexam Alu SLEEK can for RIO out of its Taloja plant, at which a new state of the art aluminium line was opened in November 2012. The converter also worked with the Rio brand to establish effective filling facilities, with the first cans entering the market recently. 

Indian CSD brand shifts from glass to metal packaging, Rexam, RIO-Fusion Drinks, Asia packaging, India packagingThe 330ml Rexam Alu SLEEK can uses the same end as the standard can but is taller and more slender in diameter, giving a completely new look to any product. The new shape looks fresh and modern, has improved shelf impact and its sleek lines make it easier for consumers to handle. The Alu SLEEK can is ideal for packaging mineral water and "healthy drinks", as well as iced coffee, fruit juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Rahul Sangoi, Director of Sales and Marketing for Silver Ice Beverages (parent company of RIO-Fusion Drinks), said, “We have a developed a great working relationship with Rexam over the last three years, which has yielded success within the beverage market.

“Rexam’s ways of working go beyond the pure manufacturing of cans. Their team approached us with a design proposal and worked closely with the Silver Ice Beverages to create a new look brand that is both youthful and full of energy.”

He continued, “Having previously packaged in glass, Rexam was also able to set us up with appropriate can filling facilities, making the transition to aluminium cans a smooth one.”

RIO-Fusion Drinks’ move to aluminium beverage cans will be supported by a new website and regional initiatives where the sustainability benefits of the aluminium can will be promoted.



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