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New Clean Lock cap gives Unilever products high dispensing performance

New Clean Lock cap gives Unilever products high dispensing performance, Unilever, Global Closure Systems, packaging, Asia
UK –
Unilever chosen an eye catching and clear headstand closure for the new packaging of its dressings & condiments brands launched beginning of 2013 and including Amora, Colman’s and Hellmann’s.

The Clean Lock cap, developed by France’s Global Closure Systems (GCS), is a headstand bi-injected transparent closure incorporating a silicon valve.

The valve was designed to control and stop the flow of product so that the cap stays clean. The valve has been specified to provide the best dispensing performance and a clean cut off across the range of viscosities.

Stability of the upside down bottle is achieved by the design of the transparent external areas. The clarity of the closure brings focus to the clean spout and highlights the cleanness of the cap. The shape of the spout emphasizes control for Unilever's consumers.

In addition GCS has developed a live hinge which springs the lid all the way open in order to allow a one-hand opening operation and to ensure the consumer has maximum clearance for dispensing.




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