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New peel and reseal lidding film replaces rigid lids and shrink bands

New peel and reseal lidding film replaces rigid lids and shrink bands, Clear Lam Packaging Inc, Ready Pac Inc, packaging, Asia
US –
Designed to replace rigid lids and shrink bands, Clear Lam Packaging Inc’s new peel and reseal lidding film technology works well for US fresh fruits and vegetables company Ready Pac Inc’s retail lettuce trays.

Developed for multi-use applications, the new tamper-evident Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film is hermetically sealed and opens easily and reseals to the package with a light touch, eliminating shrink bands and thermoformed lids and offering consumers reliable access to the product. The lidding also allows for use of modified atmosphere to extend shelf life.

The new lidding technology has helped Ready Pac reduce package weight by up to 32% compared to preformed rigid lids, improve shipping cube, and allows for more product on the pallet to reduce transportation and warehousing costs.

“Today’s food processors and retailers are committed to finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment so incorporating innovative packaging materials to achieve sustainability improvements is becoming a normal course of doing business,” said James Sanfilippo, president and CEO, Clear Lam Packaging. “Packaging solutions like our Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film help companies reduce their carbon footprint while providing improved processing efficiencies and cost advantages.”

The Peel and ReSeal system is incorporated into the flexible film roll. Two rolls of film can provide the same number of impressions as a full pallet of preformed rigid lids, reducing landfill waste.

It is well suited for all types of dry and wet products including foods and snacks such as baked good, meats, cheeses, prepared foods, salty snacks, candy, and nuts.



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