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Hershey launches new candy brand in China

Hershey launches new candy brand in China, The Hershey Company, Lancaster, packaging, Asia
The Hershey Company has launched an innovative new candy brand in China called “Lancaster”, featuring a classy packaging design that reflects the rich creamy flavour of this new premium product.

The new brand marks the first time Hershey has launched a completely new brand outside the United States in its nearly 120-year history. It is also the company’s first new brand that is not a brand extension or acquisition in the past 30 years.

The three specially crafted flavors – Original Pure Nai Bei, Pure Nai Bei filled with Rich Nai Bei, and Pure Nai Bei filled with Strawberry – will be available in three sizes: 40g, 108g, and 228g. The brand will initially launch in three cities – Wuhan, Hangzhou and Chengdu – this June, followed by a wider distribution in 2014.

Lancaster brand candies are carefully crafted through a proprietary Nai Bei candy-making process that requires high-quality imported milk and slow cooking. This process creates a rich, creamy flavor that represents a new candy experience for consumers in China.

“Consumers in China love high-quality, delicious candy that reflects care and craftsmanship and gives them a rich taste experience that is distinct and premium,” said Jane Xu, Vice President and General Manager of Greater China for The Hershey Company. “Lancaster Nai Bei candy provides consumers with a milk candy experience that is unlike any other product available in the China market.”

Lancaster is the latest example of The Hershey Company’s focus on innovation to drive continued strong growth in China. The new product was created in the company’s innovation labs and performed extremely well in consumer testing.

“Lancaster was carefully developed with the consumer experience in mind. We believe that quality ingredients and craftsmanship are what make Lancaster extraordinary and making something extraordinary takes time,” added Xu.

This brand image which Hershey has created for Lancaster is enforced in the packaging, which uses a flexible standup pouch that features simple graphic imagery to differentiate the flavours. The Lancaster brand logo has been designed in a single brown shade, and features a silhouette of a country farm that invokes both a sense of traditional quality craftsmanship and premium luxury.

Lancaster products will compete with traditional candies in China’s “milk candy” confection category that account for one quarter of the total candy market in China and about US$1.2 billion (RMB7.5 billion). Hershey says Lancaster brand’s unique taste will contribute to the evolution of the premium milk candy segment which is currently showing the strongest growth in the entire category.



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