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Evian redesigns its iconic water bottle

Evian redesigns its iconic water bottle, Evian, Danone, packaging, Asia
For the first time in 14 years Evian, which is owned by French food and beverage giant Danone, has redesigned its iconic contoured bottle to a sleek and modern design with a smoother surface.

The updated packaging design is part of Evian’s move to reinvigorate its brand image and regain market share in the competitive bottled water segment. The new look features cleaner lines, similar to the cylinder-like shape of Coca-Cola’s Smartwater bottle.

The new Evian bottle will be decorated with a simplified logo using a label that is affixed like a sticker, instead of the conventional wraparound label. The iconic graphic image of blue tinted ridges, reflective of the French Alps, will remain. Evian redesigns its iconic water bottle, Evian, Danone, packaging, Asia

According to Eric O’Toole, president of Danone Waters North America, when Evian first entered the US market in 1978, its contoured bottle stood out because the design was original. Over the years though, competitors have imitated the bottle shape, and the contoured bottle shape is now commonplace.

This has contributed to declining sales of Evian over time. According to Chicago-based market research firm SymphonyIRI, dollar sales of Evian dollar sales increased by just 1.55% over the past 52 weeks ending on 27 January in the multi-outlet channel, which includes convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, mass market retailers, gas stations, military commissaries and select club and dollar chains. Meanwhile, dollar sales of another high-end bottled water brand Voss jumped nearly 91% in those retail channels over the same period of time.

“What the other waters did was put pressure on us to contemporize Evian,” said O’Toole. “We realized that our bottle had become a little bit old and dated.”

Evian will debut the new bottle in the US in June with 300ml and 500ml sizes. The design will also be launched in Japan and Canada at the end of the summer; plans for its introduction in Europe have not been announced yet.


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