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New 300g Heinz glass jar to drive new usage occasions

New 300g Heinz glass jar to drive new usage occasions, H.J. Heinz, Ardagh Group, packaging, Asia
In what both companies describe as a packaging development partnership, H.J. Heinz and Ardagh Group have developed a distinctive and stylish new 300g jar for the European launch of a new range of culinary ketchups.

The jar has been carefully crafted to complement more consumers’ mealtimes, and was designed with adults in mind.

The new ketchup range aims to drive new usage occasions by allowing consumers to spoon a generous serving of the flavour-filled ketchup onto more of their favourite meals.

Ardagh’s development team in Poland collaborated with Netherlands based FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB, who provided them with a realistic prototype model, from which Ardagh’s product development team was able to make calculations for producing the moulds used in the glass manufacturing process.New 300g Heinz glass jar to drive new usage occasions, H.J. Heinz, Ardagh Group, packaging, Asia

The converter used special design features to prevent undercuts, and for mould manufacturing they used stronger AGN cast iron to produce the blow moulds. They also developed a new approach for handling the moulds, which, by eliminating all manual handling, has enabled them to extend the mould life.

Ardagh was able to successfully meet the challenge of creating detailed full body debossing, which gives the jar its distinctive Heinz identity. An eye catching shrink sleeve produced compliments the overall effectiveness of the package, which ideally suits premium usage occasions and table presentation.

“We’ve developed a new range of tasty ketchups – rich, thick and full of flavour – to complement more of the meals we know our adult consumers eat. Our aim is for Heinz Tomato Ketchup to be enjoyed at every mealtime, and the new jar format means our consumers can simply spoon out and enjoy more often,” explained Emma Rumble, Senior Brand Manager at Heinz.

“Launching our new ketchup range is another example of our continued commitment to developing new innovations that create excitement in the category,” she added.



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